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A place where you can find Vietnamese manufacturers in the agricultural sector.
A place where we are able to bring unique products of Vietnam closer to the world. 
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Our Story

Born and raised in Vietnam, we are aware of the unique beauty and the huge potential of agricutural products from our beloved country. Thus, we are, more than anyone else, have a large passion to introduce them to people over the world.

Unfortunately, there is a fact that many great, high quality products of Vietnam are not able to reach out to global customers. From that concern, we created this website, with the hope to connect Vietnam agricutural-field companies with international companies.

Client Testimonials

"Great thanks to Ms Julia from Vietnamnextdoor that helped me to connect with right manufacturer in canned fruit industry.

The love for her country, for Vietnamese people and agriculture must be the reason that made her so passionate and help me without thinking about benefit. Well done young and honest girl. Thank you so much"
Ms. Maria - Russia
"I was extremely impressed by the profession of Mr Able Le as well as his logical thinking which helped me to sucessfully avoid working with scam factory in Vietnam.

I would have lost thousands dollar without his support. What a good and reliable non-profit website bringing so many meanings from Vietnam youth generation!"
Mr. Victor - USA
"Which makes Vietnamnextdoor special is the Human. I had chance to meet Mr Able Le and Ms Julia in reality and they helped me to work with manufacturer; therefore I am now having a truly prosperity business with great supplier in Vietnam.

Firstly I was hesitate to contact Vietnamnextdoor, but now I am fully believe in these people here and support them in their beautiful mission to Vietnam agicultural industry!"
Mr. Sumit - Bahrain

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